If you have arrived here it means that you need urgent assistance;
Whether you came from the Blog by clicking on this page or from a privacy email, it doesn’t matter.
Often on the site it is not possible to write in detail all the steps so here we try to explain how to receive assistance in an adequate and “user friendly” way that can quickly meet your expectations.

Here are some typical cases of contacts received on privacy.
The cases are numbered, so if you have difficulty communicating you can refer to case number “XY” so that staff can understand what you need.

  1. They have entered my number by mistake / spite / joke in an ad with which I have nothing to do – in this case write to immediately requesting the cancellation of your number and inclusion in the blacklist to avoid others future entries
  2. They used my images without my consent – if the images are yours and the contact does not refer to you report it immediately to we will immediately proceed to delete the ad and block the user who has used yours images
  3. They published my ad without my consent – The announcement is yours, the contact is yours but you did not publish it; no problem write to and tell us what you want to do, whether to delete the ad and insert a new one with your email or if you want to block everything and never post with again
  4. You have deleted everything but my photos are still online !! – in this case, if you have received confirmation of cancellation from or, try clicking on the ad you find in Google. If the announcement opens it means that there has been a cancellation error, write to us immediately and we will proceed to repeat the operation; if it does not open but gives you a message like this below (404) it means that the ad has been deleted and what you see is only a cached copy. Write to us saying that the cached copy of your ad is still online and we will proceed to contact Google to remove it immediately

If you have any kind of difficulty, do not give up on assistance, use Google Translator and compose your messages with a simple click and for free

Click below and use google translator with a simple copy paste